NoteCase Pro

¬†While looking for the „best“ note taking app for Windows, Linux and Android I had various criteria I considered a must have

  • Application needs to run on Windows and Android
  • Notes need to be structured in a tree like structure
  • Structure notes by date / calendar
  • Sync between devices on own cloud infrastructure

Nice to have features I looked for been

  • hand writing
  • able to sketch within notes
  • include pictures within notes

While testing many note taking apps I came across fiiNote which has a lot of features when it comes to sketches, handwriting.. unfortunately the UI doesn’t allow to structure notes in a tree view and the UI as such is not very intuitive. The killing reason was that the sync server is no longer available and syncing via their cloud is not an option for me.

Finally I came across Notecase Pro and was immediately fascinated by the

  • ability to structure notes in a tree view
  • ability to create links between notes / text anchors
  • run a sync server on my own server
  • support for tags

Later I discovered the power of using Lua to create my own scripts to automate tasks or add additional functionality to the app. More on this later in How I use NoteCase Pro

Despite all fascination NoteCase Pro has also some drawbacks I had to deal with somehow. One of the main challenges been that there is no calendar like view to find out when I created which note? Thanks to Lua I found a way of generating an Agenda document which gives me exactly what I was looking for – when did I create which note.

Thats why I ended up coding some Lua scripts / Plugins to make it easy to deal with

  • support for vCard Support / Contacts
  • link between notes to find out what links to what – a lot of work has been done by Miro already
  • automate creation of structure of note e.g. for company related information => see New Company

and many more…

Checkout the Plugins I developed to extend the functionality of NoteCase Pro.

Stop! Probably one of the best arguments for NoteCase Pro is it’s developer Miro! Miro is extremely responsive and turning around ideas into API calls for Lua at an extremely fast pace. Some of my scripts would not have been possible without such an outstanding support from Miro.