What I’m not using

What you probably should / may want to look into

As much as I am into NoteCase Pro, there a couple of things I am not using and therefore can’t really talk about them. Specifically these are the things I am not into;

It looks like a lot of work went into this feature and is extended by Daniel’s „Getting Things Done“ plugin. The main reason I am not using this feature is that I heavily depend on Outlook in my professional life and I want / need all todos / calendar entries in Outlook. I played around with creating calendar entries or todos in NoteCase Pro so they can be opened in Outlook automatically and added to Outlook as entries – similar what I do with vCards. Unfortunately Outlook doesn’t support vCal files correctly so I stopped investigating / implementing such a functionality.

AutoReplace / AutoComplete
While these are very powerful features, especially when you want to have different AutoRelace / AutoComplete dictionaries for different scenarios, e.g. when using NoteCase Pro as IDE for different programming languages, I decided to use another application which works also outside NoteCase Pro. This said I still use the AutoComplete feature for NoteCase Pro specific stuff I don’t need elsewhere. This might come in handy if you are using Sessions within NoteCase Pro to organize notebooks based on your requirements with specific AutoComplete / AutoReplace requirements per session.

NoteCase Pro as IDE
While NoteCase Pro comes with support for many programming languages, very powerfull export / import features I am personally using a dedicated programming IDE for my programming projects – exception being when I code for NoteCase Pro with Lua 😉

I simply have no need for bookmarks since I am able to link all nodes together, set custom properties for e.g node status (in progress / done)

Best is to check out the excellent help file for NoteCase Pro written by Paul (afaik). It can save you a lot of time and gives you a good idea how powerful NoteCase Pro is.