What doesn’t work – Workarounds

When you probably don’t want to use NoteCase Pro
There are some use cases which make NoteCase Pro a no go. If your primary focus is

  • pictures embedded in notes
  • sketch notes
  • include tables in notes
  • looking for an integration in social networks
  • a calendar based structure

then NoteCase Pro is probably not the best solution for you. So let’s have a closer look at the drawbacks above.

Pictures embedded in notes
Yes, one can include pictures in notes in NoteCase Pro. But, when you include a picture you need to decide on resolution and size. it can’t be freely positioned, rotated or re-sized afterwards. Include it and you are done – that’s it.
For me this is not a good solution but frankly, how often do you really need a picture within a note positioned at a certain place. My workaround here is to attach the picture as file to a note to keep the note tidy

Sketches Notes
Simply put – there is no support for sketches! – on the other hand how often do you really need to add sketches to a note? My workaround is to use an external program to create the sketch and attach the file to the note – similar to how I deal with pictures

Tables in notes
…, this is a real challenge I love tables in notes to structure notes but there is no way of doing it in NoteCase Pro. According to Miro – the developer of NoteCase Pro – this is a limitation of the GTK V2 editor used within NoteCase Pro. OK, it is what it is but doesn’t kill the other benefits of NoteCase Pro for me.

Integration in Social Networks
I am certain this can be done with some smart Lua programming but I am not into Social Networks so not really a show stopper for me 🙂

A calendar based structure
How much I’d love to have a calendar view to see when I created which note…
If you are the same then check out my Agenda (see PIM Plugin) script which generates an agenda view per year listing which note I created when – since I developed this script I am no longer missing a calendar view in NoteCase Pro!