How I use NoteCase Pro

After using NoteCase Pro for almost a year now it turned out that I use NoteCase Pro in two different ways.

Personal Use – I use NoteCase Pro to

  • document my own IT network infrastructure
  • document my personal interests
  • plan hiking trips
  • developing routines for NoteCase Pro to make my personal and business life easier – i am a lazy person 🙂

So pretty standard stuff for a note taking application.

For Business Use NoteCase Pro turned into a CRM system for me – highly complex structures and a massive amount of data but still easy to use! Absolutely awesome!!!! More details on that later

Things I needed anyway are

  • kind of Forms to store specific values per note
  • do calculations based on form values – e,g, hours per hiking when documenting my hiking trips
  • different columns in tree Views per document
  • calculations (=> Add Calculation ) in tree view to be able to calculate sums, averages, min and max values
  • Variables to have dynamic content in notes

Here is the best thing of NoteCase Pro => support for Lua programming and a very powerful API !!! This allows you add functionality you need for what you want to use NoteCase Pro for. This is what this document is about. It is absolute worth learning Lua if you want to have specific features in NoteCase Pro – e.g as I did for support of vCard Support / Contacts

So please check out the following documentation to learn more what’s possible with NoteCase Pro and NoteCase Pro Plugins